Hamelin- Laie International School and Six Lemon World International Student Residence are located in Montgat, Barcelona, Spain.

Montgat is very close to Barcelona, a 20-minute train ride, and is the most southern municipality of Maresme county, in Catalonia, Spain. It is located on the coast, between El Masnou in the north and Badalona in the south. The old town stand on the fill of Montgat, a small cliff by the sea crossed by the road and the tunnel of the coastal railway. The municipal district includes the abutments of the Litoral Mountain Range with others hills as Les Guixeres (112 m) and La Marquesa (64 m).

Tourists associate Barcelona to Gaudi, pa amb tomàquet (bread and tomato), and beach, but the truth is that Montgat has one of the most beautiful beaches of Barcelona. The beach in Montgat is next to the station and to get there you have to pass through the old town of Montgat, a tiny fishing village anchored in time. It seems the typical village of the 80s where people would resort.

Montgat offers 2km of sand across three beaches connected through a pleasant maritime passage adorned by beautiful garden zones and Torre de Ca n’Alzina – a historic defense tower from the 16th century. Its location means this part of the Catalan coastline is popular amongst surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers as there are great wind conditions for these sports. It’s for this reason it’s home to a specialization aquatic sports centre.



Montgat’s beach is also great for its beach volleyball courts, and the beach volleyball players are friendly. Players will be more than happy to welcome you to play along with them!


The beach is quite big and has all services, such as public showers and restrooms, chiringuitos (beach bar), lifeguard tower, volleyball courts, deckchairs, sports installations for aquatic activities (club), ambulance and disabled access.


You can feel the nature essentially thanks to the beach quality in Montgat. Here, the sand is like a powder, full, crispy like brown sugar, and stuffed with little seashells. It’s very comfortable to walk on it, and plunge your feet and hands in it. The water is cleaner and clearer than the water in the rest of the Barcelona beaches, and it gives you an amazing refreshment. A pleasure!

After taking a bath you can clean the salt from your skin thanks to the provided showers. Besides, you can look very far, sense the endness of the sea and relax.

Cafes and Bars are situated at the beach and serve all you want. You can have lunch, a cafe break or coctails.

Some small Chiringuitos (beach bar/cafes) on the beach play music and serve cold drinks and snacks.

There are cafés that serve the best tapas and the best Ice Coffee ever! The “café con hielo” (ice coffee) is amazing, but it’s not an ice coffee as you could maybe conceive it. It’s Spanish style! The waitress will bring you a normal Espresso and a glass with only two ice cubes in it. Pour sugar in the hot coffee then pour the whole thing in the second ice-filled glass. The result is awesome (even better with Café con Leche (Coffee with milk).


You can have lunch at Emporium, a beachside restaurant specializes in seafood and paellas. All delicious, amiable service and beautiful surroundings.

We also recommend the snack bar Panoràmic. Panoràmic Montgat was created by group of young entrepreneurs with the aim of recovering a part of the Parc de les Bateries Montgat, a small hill that can practically touch the sea and still retains two original big guns of the early twentieth century. In addition to the views and cups, its main asset is its cultural proposal of movie, music or radio. And in summer, every Sunday afternoons in July and August offer picnics Panoràmic, a series of acoustic performances.

Montgat beach is not crowded: if you want to relax and doze off, it is one of Barcelona’s best beaches in this respect. Peace… Tranquility…  Lay down and sleep! It is quieter than any of Barcelona.
Silence + beautiful view + beach volleyball + aquatic sports + food = Montgat


Six Lemon World International Student Residence is:

  • Six minutes’ walk from the beach: enjoy the sea all year round!
  • Nature and urban nucleus: an exclusive place of relaxation in a cosmopolitan city.
  • A wide variety of activities: enjoy the Mediterranean climate to the fullest!
  • Excellent transport network to Barcelona center:
    • Bus: Lines B29, B30
    • Car: Moterway N-II, C-31 railway, B-20 railway
    • Train (Renfe): R1 – Montgat Nord (right by the beach)
    • Service of rent of bikes


Come stay with us and enjoy Barcelona!