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You will find a link down below of an article from just over a year ago, when students from Hamelin-Laie International School participated in the Beijing Football Cup, the largest youth football competition in the Chinese capital. As always, we take things further than the academic area. Sport and international exchanges are key points for [...]

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Below you can see some pictures of the visit of the Executive Director of Hamelin-Laie International School and Six Lemon World Student Residence to different schools in China during this month of April. This is another example of how Hamelin-Laie and Six Lemon World are committed to innovation and quality, exchange between cultures and bringing [...]

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On February 21, took place the show "Culture of China. Spring Festival" at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona. The founder and president of the Hamelin-Laie International School, Mrs. Purificación Sas, and the director of international expansion, Silvia Sas, attended the celebration to commemorate the celebration of the Spring Festival. During the show they were [...]

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The General Consul of the People's Republic of China in Barcelona, Mrs. Lin Nan, invites the founder and president of the international school Hamelin-Laie, Mrs. Purificación Sas, and the Director of International Expansion, Silvia Sas, to celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year in Barcelona.

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Experience in China

VISIT TO CHINA BY THE PRESIDENT OF HAMELIN-LAIE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AND THE DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION Señora Sas, President of the international, tri-lingual school Hamelin-Laie International School, and Silvia Sas, Director of International Expansion, made a visit to China in April this year. Hamelin-Laie International School was chosen by the Confucius Institute of Barcelona, [...]

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Visit to China by the President of Hamelin-Laie International School and the Director of International Expansion

Señora Sas, President of the international, trilingual school Hamelin-Laie International School, has almost 60 years of experience as a director of educational centres. Sra. Sas, President of the international, trilingual school Hamelin-Laie International School   The origins of the school go back to the parents of Señora Sas, who were both teachers. It was her [...]

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Requeriments to stay in Six Lemon World

SIX LEMON WORLD is a residence for students from 16 years of age upwards. Only students can stay there, not just anyone.  They must also be associated with our school, Hamelin-Laie International School, or with other schools and universities in the vicinity. Students of Hamelin-Laie who are doing the International Baccalaureate have priority. As a [...]

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Benefits of Six Lemon World for younger students: Premium facilities, security and much more.

Six Lemon World is a high-end student residence at a competitive price. It´s a world apart, where you can live in the company of people like you, and feel like you´re at home. With personalized service, and state-of-the-art facilities with private bedrooms in an unbeatable location, you´ll be able to take maximum advantage of the [...]

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Special accommodation for International Baccalaureate students

Six Lemon World is an international residence for students older than 15, and it is found on the same campus as Hamelin-Laie International School. We offer accommodation for secondary and baccalaureate students of Hamelin-Laie International School, along with students from other schools and universities in the surrounding area. However, the students from Hamelin-Laie always have [...]

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Start of course

Start of course This year starts again a new course, and this year we opened the residence. A unique space, modern, with new facilities and furnishings inspired by the latest trends, minimalist and with everything we need to offer more comfort to our residents. Among our residents we have young students of Hamelin-Laie International School [...]

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