Señora Sas, President of the international, tri-lingual school Hamelin-Laie International School, and Silvia Sas, Director of International Expansion, made a visit to China in April this year.

Hamelin-Laie International School was chosen by the Confucius Institute of Barcelona, along with Hanban, out of all the primary and secondary schools in Catalonia to participate in the ¡Hola China! programme.

Hamelin-Laie International School has always been a pioneering and innovative school, standing out from the rest, with a forward-thinking philosophy designed to open up the best opportunities available to its student community.

In 1989, the Infant and Primary School called Hamelin, located in Alella, became the first tri-lingual school in Catalonia, incorporating English, Catalán and Spanish into its study programme.

In 1994, we introduced a 4th language from 6 years and upwards, from the beginning of Primary School. The students could originally choose from French and German, and later on we added the option of Mandarin Chinese, becoming the first school to teach Chinese in Spain.

In addition, we have just introduced Mandarin Chinese as an “A” language for the International Baccalaureate.

On their travels, Señora Sas and Ms. Silvia Sas visited the General Offices of the Confucius Institutes in Beijing, Hanban, and had a meeting with the rector of the University of Foreign Studies in Beijing, along with some of the most prestigious universities, institutes, and schools in the country, like for example “The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China”.

Furthermore, they visited places of touristic and emblematic importance in Beijing, like the city of Qufu (the birth city of Confucius) where they met with the Director of the Centre of Development of Qufu.

Afterwards, they travelled to Shanghai, where they also had meetings with some of the city´s most prestigious universities, institutes and schools, like the “Suzhou International Academy, BFSU” in Suzhou.

They also went to visit various schools in Chengdu, such as the Chengdu Meishi International School and the Vanda International Schoolhouse.

Thanks to this trip and all the activities that they took part in, Señora Sas and Ms Silva Sas not only enjoyed a fantastic experience as tourists, where they got to understand the Chinese culture more deeply, but they also acquired a panoramic vision of the Chinese education system and environment. This helped them obtain interesting contacts through which we are already offering exchanges to all our students who are in Secondary or Baccalaureate and are interested in studying in Asia for a trimester, two trimesters or even a full academic year.