International Baccalaureate

MID-IB course July

Intensive MID-IB Summer School Course in Barcelona for IB students from around the world.

It doesn´t matter what school you are studying in; come to our intensive summer course!

We´re waiting for you!

Work on your skills & confidence

Get the advice and support you need to improve in all areas, and to succeed in the next IB course.

We trust you!

We will help you with everything you need.

Develop & expand your creativity

Absorb the architectural universe of Antonio Gaudí as inspiration for your Visual Arts projects.

Look beyond!

See how visual arts form an integral part of life, present in all levels of human expression, communication and understanding.

Creativity, Action and Service

Collaborate with the Red Cross and take part in various activities, do your CAS with us!

Do your CAS

You´ll receive a dossier with a report along with proof of your CAS (certificates, photos, etc.)

Stay inspired and motivated

Having fun is key to good learning. Come and learn in a relaxed atmosphere with fun activities!

Enjoy the summer!

Classrooms with sea views.
After-school activities and weekend trips!

Get top marks with our help

Reap the benefits of high-quality teaching thanks to our amazing IB teachers

Give 100% of yourself

Make the most of classes to reinforce your knowledge.

Meet international students

A great opportunity to make international friends with similar motivations and interests!

IB students from around the world

Befriend IB students from other countries! Study together and enjoy the activities that we have organized