SIX LEMON WORLD is a residence for students from 16 years of age upwards. Only students can stay there, not just anyone.  They must also be associated with our school, Hamelin-Laie International School, or with other schools and universities in the vicinity. Students of Hamelin-Laie who are doing the International Baccalaureate have priority.

As a result, people who are here on their holidays cannot stay at Six Lemon World.

The conditions for staying at Six Lemon World are the same for all students, no matter what nationality or country of origin.

As such, Spanish students must provide their DNI, and all foreign students will need their NIE or passport. The NIE is the ID document given to resident foreigners in Spain. For foreign students who don´t have a NIE, their passport and visa will be required. In order to get a visa, the student will need the registration document from the school or university, a residential contract, and if they are a minor, a document from their legal guardian.

There is no timetable in the residence for coming and going, and students who are old enough can leave whenever they want. Those who are still minors will need written and signed permission from their parents or legal guardian which indicates if they have their permission to leave the grounds of the school. Should the permission be refused, the student will not be able to leave.

At Hamelin-Laie International School and Six Lemon World we pay a lot of attention to our foreign students, and we help them any way we can. As such, we provide the documentation in less than 48 hours on working days.

Come stay with us, and enjoy Barcelona!