Start of course

This year starts again a new course, and this year we opened the residence. A unique space, modern, with new facilities and furnishings inspired by the latest trends, minimalist and with everything we need to offer more comfort to our residents.

Among our residents we have young students of Hamelin-Laie International School and university students from nearby universities, including Tecnocampus. They are all nervous to start the school year, for all the new experiencies that will come, and to meet again their classmates and meet new ones.

From the Residence Six World Lemon we give them all our support and encourage them to enjoy the experience, and remember that this is a race of endurance and not a speed race.

There are many things that all the resident will have to adapt:

* A city and a new climate … and with spectacular views!


* We must return to the classroom, having spent the summer relaxed, visiting new places, outdoors, various spaces, etc. Although, everyday we acquire knowledge, at school and university knowledge is acquired in another methodology, and examinations must be addressed, and all it entails a responsibility.


* The residence schedules, menus / meals, which are not as at home but have seasonal products and professional chefs who work to cook the best food and hope you enjoy it.


In conclusion, residents approach emotions and new experiences, and you know we’ll be basing yourselves in everything you need.

Good luck!