When we think about the education of our children, we think about the best school, offering the best education, with the best teachers, best facilities, quality language teaching and the best routes of access into advanced and Higher Level education.

With Six Lemon World we offer lodging for all students who want to study in Hamelin-Laie International School, which itself provides every level of education including pre-school, junior, primary, secondary, National Baccelaureate and International Baccelaureate.

Also, we don´t forget that education should not stop at the end of the academic year, but continue into right summer. It´s important to take maximum advantage of this time, not only in order to learn new things, but also to have the new experiences in things that aren´t viable during the school year.

This is the reason that we offer Spanish as a foreign language in a new and innovative way based out of the Six Lemon World residence.

More than 500 million people speak Spanish around the world, and it is the official language in 21 countries, with about 350 million native speakers. By learning Spanish, you will also be able to understand Spanish cultures.

Studying Spanish will help you to enjoy some of the best literature, cinema, and culture. Furthermore, the industries of television and cinematography are becoming more and more important, along with music, and as such, Spanish is becoming more influential on a global scale with regards to arts and culture.

Spanish will also help you if you travel to a Spanish-speaking country for holidays, work or study, and will often open the door at a professional level. Experts say that you learn the same in 2-4 weeks abroad than you would in 1 year at home.

The courses are directed towards youths and adults older than 16 years of age.

Prior knowledge of Spanish is not required. We offer courses for all levels. They are intensive courses of 60 hours in total, divided into 6 hours daily. The courses come with complementary activities, such as: football, dance, aquatic activities; and various gastronomy and culture workshops.

Lodging and half-board (breakfast and lunch) are included in the price

Weekend sightseeing will also take place.

Some of the courses are as follow:

Spanish+Football Spanish 45 h Football 15 h 60 h
Spanish+Dance Spanish 45 h Dance 15 h 60 h
Spanish+Etiquette Spanish 45 h Etiquette 15 h 60 h
Spanish+Aquatics Spanish 45 h Aquatics 15 h 60 h


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